After last night’s announcement we will preparing for a normal week at school under Level 2 conditions. Please continue to reinforce the healthy hand washing with our whānau and if your children are unwell to keep them at home. Any adults coming into school please use the contract tracing QR

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Cross country

The weather is holding nicely for the cross country today at the Marton Golf Course. Those who have offered to help with transport the times we are leaving are.
Year 6/7/8 leaving 11:35
Year 3/4/5 leaving 12:00
Year 0/1/2 leaving 12:20ish but of a change by 10 minutes.

Races approximate start times: please allow for races starting earlier as the weather is cold and we don’t want kids sitting around getting cold.
Year 6/7/8 girls 12:35
Year 6/7/8 boys 12:50
Year 4/5 girls/ boys 1:10
Year 2/3 girls/ boys 1:25
Year NE/1 boys/ girls 1:35

Room 5 Zoo Trip

21st September 2020


Dear Parents and Whanau,


Earlier in the term Room Five made a collaborative effort to write a letter to FOS to ask for some assistance to enable a trip to the Wellington Zoo.  FOS were happy to help us with our plan and the Board of Trustees has given us their approval.  This is very exciting!  We are all very appreciative of this wonderful support.


We will be heading to the Wellington Zoo, by bus, on Friday 13th November.  We will be participating in a variety of activities at the zoo.  We also plan to stop at Pukeura Bay on the way home.  This is  to observe living creatures in their natural habitat as a contrast to what we would have seen at the Zoo. 


We have planned to take 11 adults on this trip to provide adequate supervision for students.  If we receive higher interest than we have allowed for, parents are welcome to make private arrangements and come along in their own vehicles or organise a car pool group. 


If you are interested in coming along with your child/children please fill in the form below, click the link or scan the QR code before the end of the term, as police vetting will need to be organised and this takes time.  


Other details regarding our trip will be sent out early term 4.



Online Form 


Wellington Zoo – Parent Help


Name: ____________________________


I would love to come to the zoo with my child __________________________________


My strengths I would bring on the trip would be: 



Netball @ South Mak Tuesday

We have been able to arrange a couple of schools to come and play netball at South Mak Tomorrow from 12:30.

The Year 5/6, and two year 7/8 teams along with a couple of boys to help out will be playing.


Court A- Year 7/8 Court B Year 5/6 Time      
South Mak B v Bulls South Mak v Bulls 12:30
South Mak A v St Matthews Clifton v St Matthews 12:45
South Mak A v Bulls  Marton Junction v Bulls 1:00
St Matthews v Marton Junction South Mak v Clifton 1:15
Bulls v South Mak A St Matthews v Marton Junction 1:30
Marton Junction v South Mak B Bulls v Clifton 1:45
South Mak B v St Matthews St Matthews v South Mak 2:00
Marton Junction v Bulls Marton Junction v Clifton 2:15