After last night’s announcement we will preparing for a normal week at school under Level 2 conditions. Please continue to reinforce the healthy hand washing with our whānau and if your children are unwell to keep them at home. Any adults coming into school please use the contract tracing QR

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Room 5 and 6 Camp

Thank you again to all the parents accompanying us on camp.

Just a reminder that those coming to camp were presumed to be transporting students. Thank you to those of you who have been in touch and let us know of other plans. If your circumstances have changed and you are unable to bring a vehicle now, please let us know ASAP. This will allow us to make sure we have enough seats for everybody.

Sharyn Drylie –

Janelle Andrews –


Friday Night Kiwi Cricket

Good to hear everyone is enjoying the Kiwi Cricket on Friday evenings.

This is a competition run for students in years 3-6.

The teams are posted below, please come and see me if your child wishes to play.

We are still after a team manager for Team 3, please let me know if you could do this job.

Janelle Andrews

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3



Noah B







Harry Mc











Manager: Jane Able Carl McDonald It would be good if we could have a parent to manage this team please.

Room 6 Notice


Dear Parents/Whanau of Room 6,

As part of our inquiry, we are going to do a rubbish collection down Union Line and Makirikiri Road. We plan to do this on Tuesday 24th November between 11.00 and 12.00 pm. We would love some support to help keep us safe on the busy road. If you are able to help us please let me know.

Students will need to wear sneakers or gumboots to school this day.

Thank you for your support

Room 6 and Janelle Andrews

Room 5 and 6 parents that are coming on camp

To Room 5 and 6 parents that are coming on camp,

We would like to have a meeting on Wednesday 25 November at 3pm to discuss camp:

  • Expectations
  • Activities
  • Duty groups
  • Transport

The timetable has already been sent home. Parents will be experts at each activity and the children will rotate around them. If you have a preference could you please let us know at the meeting or beforehand. 

If you are unable to attend please let us know. We can also have the option of making it a “zoom” meeting.

Thank you so much for your support

Janelle Andrews

Sharyn Drylie

Room 5 Zoo Trip – Friday

Here is a copy of the plan that was sent home earlier this week.

All parents who have expressed there interest in joining us are able to come on the bus. If you are planning on taking your own vehicle please let me know,

Sharyn Drylie


Dear Parents and Whanau

Our trip to the Wellington Zoo is fast approaching, taking place on Friday 13th November. Thank you for the great interest to join us for this exciting day.  We have enough spaces on the bus for those who have shown interest to attend.

As originally stated, we have spaces for 11 adults on the bus, including myself.  The exceeding numbers are welcome to organise a car pool or their own private arrangements.  I will be asking  parents to be responsible for a small group of students during the day.  This is simply about keeping everyone safe and assisting them to find locations at the zoo and help them complete a few tasks that will be set.

The Zoo has offered a group price which is significantly discounted.  The cost per child for the day will be $10.00.  This will cover their zoo entry, the bus fare and hot chips on the way home (all going well in regards to planned timeframes).  Parent helpers will need to pay $10.00 each for their entry.

Please pay for this by Wednesday 11th November.  If you are paying by internet banking, it is vital that you reference your payment to Rm 5 Zoo Trip.

Proposed Plan:

7:15 am  Depart from school

8:15 am 10 minute toilet and snack stop at Levin Park

8:30 am  Proceed to the Wellington Zoo

10:30 am Arrive, park the bus and assemble at the zoo; Quick snack/drink

11:00 am Education Session run by the zoo – ‘Conservation Connection’.  This will cover what the Wellington Zoo does to assist the survival of endangered species.

12:00 – 1:10 pm Exploring the Zoo and a few activities along the way

1:15 pm  Assemble at the zoo’s exit to make our way to the bus 

1:30 pm Depart for home

3:30 pm Stop off for hot chips on the way home (location will be confirmed on the day and will depend on our time schedule).

5:00 pm  Arrive back at school

Obviously this is a long day with the travel, which is why it has been planned for a Friday.  Hopefully children will have a bit of a nap somewhere on the return trip.  I suggest students are prepared accordingly.  This will mean taking:

  • Suitable, comfortable footwear
  • Suitable, comfortable clothing (I suggest layers so we can work in with whatever weather we may encounter)
  • A warm jumper and/or raincoat 
  • Plenty of small snacks in their lunch boxes as there won’t be time for a set lunch break.  As mentioned above, we will have a snack on our way to Wellington, one when we arrive and one within our small groups
  • A water bottle
  • A small pack of spare clothes if you think your child may need this.