After last night’s announcement we will preparing for a normal week at school under Level 2 conditions. Please continue to reinforce the healthy hand washing with our whānau and if your children are unwell to keep them at home. Any adults coming into school please use the contract tracing QR

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Room 5 and 6 Camp to Green Pastures

Dear Parents and Whanau

Room Five and Six are going on camp to Kai-iwi on the 9th December and will be returning on Friday the 11th.

We will be staying at Green Pastures Camp in cabins and participating in a variety of activities over the time we are at camp. We will also be spending a day at Wai-inu beach, off the coast at Waitotara to investigate the rock pools.

If you are interested in coming along with your child/children please fill in the form below or click the link before the end of the term, as police vetting will need to be organised and this takes time. 

Other details regarding camp such as gear lists and costs etc will come out early term 4.


Online Form 

Green Pastures Camp – Parent Help

Name: ____________________________

I would love to come on camp with my child ___________________________________

I am able / am not able to take a warranted and registered vehicle that has room for me and _______ others.  

My strengths I would bring on camp would be: